Want to Resell NOMAD

So, you want to be a NOMAD Reseller, that’s great news. Becoming a Reseller is relatively straightforward but first we need to get to know you to see if and how we can best work together.

Be aware that becoming a NOMAD reseller implies commitments but as they say, no pain, no gain. You will need to develop your website in order to accommodate NOMAD, you will need to learn the “ins” and “outs” of NOMAD technology in the context of the Broadcast and Networking industries; you will need to offer customers superlative service; you will need to buy stock; we will ask you intrusive questions and expect answers.

Still interested?

Ok, you made it this far. Let’s start with some questions which we shall treat in complete confidence. All questions are mandatory.

    Markets you address *

    Once we have your details, I will arrange to contact you on the number and email you provided above to discuss potential next steps.

    Application to become a NOMAD Reseller does not carry with it any guarantees, but if we think you have what it takes then there is no reason to believe we won’t be enjoying a business relationship shortly.

    For your information, the NOMAD retails at just €4.990,- and (subject to credit) we can supply you with as many as you and your customers need.

    The NOMAD is the ultimate probe that packs 12 years of innovation excellence into a handy portable package. It’s the probe of probes that monitors everything (Cable, Satellite, Terrestrial, IPTV, OTT, SDI over IP, ASI). Having everything packaged into one portable device makes for a streamlined sales process.

    ALL NOMADs sold work straight out of the box, with all of the essentials ready installed for use.

    Hear from you shortly,

    Philip Burnham

    Sales Director – BRIDGE Technologies Co AS